Security Solution

Cyberthreats are growing leaps and bounds within the past couple of years and show no sign of decreasing. We have all read and heard about businesses that have been paralyzed due to ransomware and malicious attacks. Business losses are in the millions and customer trust has been impacted.

SignalTG has relationships with security vendors that can help our clients defend their environment from bad actors. Today’s approach is an in-depth security strategy. Clients are looking for the solutions that will enable them to build a solid defense that encompass all aspects of business security.

In fact, critical areas of a good defense require a primary and secondary defense path. Businesses have more to protect than attempting to bulletproof a data center. In the last couple of years, companies have moved to a hybrid environment that supports both data center and cloud. More employees are working remotely. Companies utilize third-party applications to support their environment. Amazon, Microsoft, SolarWinds, and others have had breaches that have impacted their clients. Today, companies are engaged in converging their network and security framework under a SASE platform.

SignalTG works with our clients to build a solid security environment and continue to evaluate and improve the security environment.

Telecom Expense Management

Clear up unnecessary billing errors that are costing you time and money