Unified Communications

Unified communications can revolutionize the way a business collaborates — internally and externally — but can also be an area where businesses struggle to find the solution that’s best for them. As , many business are moving to the cloud, so are the ways we communicate and collaborate for work. Companies today are looking to make calls, have meetings , share files and chat using the same interface, on the same app over their phone, desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Of if you are looking for a basic hosted PBX service, we can help you with that too.

With all the options out there, it can be tricky to determine the best way to help your employees stay connected.

Signal can help your business connect the dots by helping you determine the best UC solution or Hosted PBX vendor for your needs in this highly competitive market. We will give you access to the cutting-edge unified communications capabilities that you need, including:

We have the experience, provider relationships, and deep knowledge to find the unified communications services that meet your business’s unique needs. From mobility to video conferencing, we can navigate the complexities of different providers’ offerings to get you to the best solution for your company. With our help, your employees and customers alike will have an improved experience with unified communications.


Signal Technology Group will assist you to integrate your voice and data environment to work synchronously to improve connectivity internally and externally. Boost efficiency and effectiveness in servicing your clients.